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Cinnamon-Sugar Pull-Apart Bread

A few weeks ago, my boss came into my office with questions about a case that I was working on.  After I gave him the run-down, he got up to leave, at which point, I asked him to take a seat and to close the door.  I was leaving the job, I said, having accepted a new position.

The news did not come as a surprise, and he offered his sincere congratulations.  He also encouraged me to make the most of my time-off.  There are few instances, he noted, where you are truly off the clock.  In this line of work, weekends get truncated and vacations get interrupted.  There is always another case to read and another motion to file.  There are few moments of true respite.

That time between jobs, however, was one of those truly serene periods, where there are no unanswered emails and waiting voicemails.  There are no blinking red light while you are between jobs.

During my time-off, Continue reading