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Rosemary Pepita Granola

Wedding Cake

“So what’s been cooking?” you might ask.

Well, for starters, I got married!

On June 22, 2013, Caitlin and I got married before our friends and family at the American Visionary Art Museum in downtown Baltimore.  The ceremony took place in the wildflower garden outside of the Museum, and was officiated by the Judge for whom I clerked, and in whose chambers Caitlin and I met some five years ago.


The beauty of the ceremony was matched only by the radiance of my bride, and it was Caitlin’s months of efforts and DIY projects that made the day so touching and meaningful.  Caitlin painstakingly designed (and sometimes redesigned) Continue reading


Granola Bars

Ever since his clementine clafoutis, I’ve taken Mark Bittman’s suggestions for specific recipes with a whole heaping tablespoon of salt.

But when it comes to general ideas and cooking methods, he’s often spot-on.  These homemade granola bars were a wonderful idea, and best of all, easily adapted to your own tastes and preferences.  The original recipe called for apricots, which was a definite no-go for me.  But sticking Continue reading