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Chocolate-Chip Peppermint Cookies


Candy canes are only so useful after the holidays have come and gone.  What does one do with hundreds of mini candy canes, individually wrapped, sitting above one’s refrigerator?

Fortunately, the New Yorker has a number of suggestions.  You could, for example, crush them up and use them to salt, er rather, mint your your driveway in advance of wintry weather.  You could use them to pull clumps of hair out of your drain or drag struggling marionettes off stage.  These are but a few of the New Yorker’s (somewhat) humorous suggestions.

Or, you could crush them up and make these cookies.  I have tried, unsuccessfully, to make these in the past.  Too often Continue reading


Mint Chocolate Brownies

As I’ve noted before, it’s important to have a food gameplan when picking Caitlin up from the airport.  That means having a restaurant and itinerary picked out in advance of pick-up.

In addition, I also like to have a snack waiting for Caitlin when she arrives – a little something to tide her over during the drive back into the city.  Often, the snack is home-made, something sweet that I’ve made either that day, or the day before.  Occasionally, though, time gets ahead of me, and I have to settle on something from the store.

But whether it was store-bought or home-made, I had, apparently, developed a steady habit of having a snack in the car on those airport trips.  To the point where I had created a nearly Pavlovian connection between the airport and baked goods.

Sure enough, Continue reading