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Steel-Cut Oatmeal with Chopped Pistachios

I need my breakfast.  Absolutely need it.  Without my morning meal, I’m listless and unthinkably slow – both on my feet and in reflection.

Fortunately, this oatmeal hits the spot.  The regular oats can be a bit worn and thin.  Not as sustaining as I might need.  The steel-cut variety, available in any grocery store, comes packed Continue reading


Low-Fat Vanilla-Pistachio Caramels

After making my cream caramels, I decided it would be fun to experiment.  In particular, I was curious to know if the recipe would work with low-fat milk instead of cream.  Unfortunately, my adherence to the scientific method was somewhat lackluster.  Instead of introducing a single variable, I introduced two:  pistachios and low-fat milk.

These caramels were not as soft as the plain ones, but they were not altogether hard.  I suspect, though, that it was the chopped pistachios and not the absence of cream that made these caramels a little harder.  On the topic of taste, I’m happy to report Continue reading


Baklava stresses me out.

As soon as I open the plastic packaging and roll out the cold sheets of phyllo dough, I feel like I’m in a race against time.  I can picture the sand streaming down the hour glass, announcing the moment that the phyllo dough will become parched and unworkable, as if your potter’s wheel could only spin for so long.  Time is of the essence, but working quickly is not necessarily the solution.  Move too carelessly and too quickly, and the thin sheets will tear and break into equally unworkable pieces.

I’ve tried covering the sheets with cold towels, or keeping half the sheets in the refrigerator, but have not noticed any real difference.  If I am going to work with phyllo dough, I am going to have to work quickly and carefully.  And that stresses me out.  Continue reading