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Chicken Enchiladas with Red Chili Sauce

Chicken Enchiladas

I have a resolution of sorts.  We have all of these cookbooks around the house.  Cookbooks on grilling and baking.  Italian, Greek, and French cookbooks.  New Orleans and Sante Fe cookbooks.  And nearly every cookbook written by Ina Garten.  And yet, more often than not, when I look for a recipe, my first instinct is to look online.

My resolution is to break that habit, even if ever so slightly.  It seems only logical.  Recipes online are often unreliable and hard to reproduce.  Even my own recipes Continue reading


Tofu Chorizo Breakfast Tacos

Tofu Chorizo

The Best Cookbook Ever, as the name implies, is a damn good cookbook. I first checked the book out from the library about three months ago. Five or six “mind-blowing” and “deliciously awesome” recipes later, the book has become a kitchen fixture and a faithful auto-renewal. Its recipes may not really make you “cry as you cook from it [and] change your life forever” but it may just leave you constantly cooing over your culinary creations.

From their Soba Noodles with Shiitake Mushrooms to Rigatoni Paprikash, each recipe has proved easy to make and delicious. Weekday meals have lost their repetitive dull. The Sussman brothers – living proof that the Hipster movement is alive and well – are also vegetarian friendly, with many of their entrées meat free. Tongue-in-cheek, many recipes suggest possible “Meatifications” for those who may be going “on a meat-eating walkabout” to discovery why they are, after all, vegetarian.

Speaking of meatification, this recipe began meatified. It was my adaptation – the result of finding Continue reading

Beef Tacos

Beef Tacos

Caitlin and I have been watching Breaking Bad recently, a show whose plot-lines and premise may be as addicting as the “blue stuff” that plays such a critical role in the show.  Over the last few weeks, we’ve watched episode after episode, pinned to the couch or nestled in bed, watching Jesse and Walter navigate a world of dirty money, secret drops, federal agents, and violent cartels.  As one episode ends, we have increasingly found ourselves reaching for the next, swapping Netflix disks with such speed that we often find it necessary to download an episode or two from iTunes, unable to wait for the return mailer.

While the show has certainly taken over some of our evenings, Continue reading

Refried Beans

On a typical Friday night, Caitlin and I will head to Mi Rancho, one of our favorite local spots, where we’ll greet Albino and take our seat in the covered, outdoor patio. If that’s our typical spot, then our order is equally typical – the mixed fajitas.

We love our tex-mex.

For us, tex-mex is just one of those hearty meals, the kind of meal that makes you smile at the end of dinner, satisfied and happy. Continue reading



I am always running late. Always.

I could claim it’s not my fault, but really it is.  At the least, my punctuality problem is rooted not in laziness or lack of ambition, but rather in its excess.  Dinner in an hour?  Surely I have time for an abbreviated workout.  Poker at 7:30?  I can read one more case before I need to leave.  Meeting friends soon?  Let me start another blog entry.

Which is exactly what happened on Superbowl Sunday. Continue reading

Grilled Quesadillas


Of late, grilling has become one of my favorite cooking methods. Unfortunately, as the sun is quickly setting on this warm St. Louis weather, so too are my grilling days. So before I have to shut the propane off for good, I decided it was time to grill some quesadillas. These are so fast, so easy to make – and just so good. They’re bound to be a hit.

Quesadilla literally means “little cheesy thing,” in Spanish. So some form of cheese is required. But after that, the beauty of quesadillas is in their elegant simplicity. They’re a blank slate on which to experiment. Throw whatever you want at them — and just see what sticks.


Speaking of sticking, Continue reading