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Greek Salad

Every so often, I’ll catch myself, and realize that it’s been a few days since I’ve had a good, solid, salad.  I may have had some vegetables – I certainly love my sweet potatoes and butternut squash – but for some reason, a head of lettuce is not one of my staple purchases.  So, whenever I come to this realization, I go for a Greek Salad.

I think there’s something about the saltiness in the feta that drives my love for the Greek Salad.  Or maybe the soft taste of the sliced red onions, given a pickled quality by the vinegar.  Or maybe the sharp taste Continue reading


Grape Leaves

There is a certain joy to the art of discovery.

Four years ago, I rarely, if ever cooked.  But then I discovered that it was something I really enjoyed, and that it could bring me pleasure.  I found cooking to be fun and relaxing, irrespective of the process or outcome.

And cooking is only one example.  We all have those moments of individual discovery, of learning of a new love or skill, place or interest.  Scanning the radio and stumbling upon an artist that inspires.  Picking up a paint brush and finding an innate command of the canvas.  Walking along the street and feeling the vivacity and charms of a heretofore undiscovered neighborhood.

Most recently, I discovered books on tape.  I have always enjoyed fiction and reading.  I have pleasant memories of lying awake, in bed, reading – at various times Continue reading



During my senior year of high school, I got my first laptop.  By today’s standards, it was slow and it was heavy.  It hardly had any memory and it couldn’t even play a movie.  But it had an ethernet port, and so, it had potential.

When I got to college, Firestone library was only a few hundred yards from my dorm room.  But on a cold, wind-swept winter day, its collection and online database couldn’t  have seemed farther.  Fortunately, with a few keystrokes, and mouse clicks, its newspaper articles and scholarly journals were within reach.  From the university network, I could also stream my Russian language files and download my French politics assignment.  Early into freshman year, my laptop had become the epicenter of my college education.

Ten years later, Continue reading

Tzatziki Sauce

This yogurt and cucumber sauce is a staple of Mediterranean cuisine.  It can be served with pita bread, as an appetizer, or accompany falafel or meat, as part of hearty meal.  To reduce the water content, tzatziki sauce is traditionally made with strained yogurt.  Fortunately, most grocery stores now sell Greek-style yogurt, which is already strained, meaning you can prepare homemade tzatziki sauce Continue reading