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Aloo Gobhi Masala

The other day, when I was in the gym, I was flipping through the channels, searching for something to hold my attention while on the treadmill.  After a few clicks, I stopped, landing on the familiar fedora of Indiana Jones.

As Indiana trekked through the jungles on his elephant, I immediately recognized this movie as the second installment in the series, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.  I wasn’t old enough to see the movie in the theaters — I was only four — but I can remember watching the movie as a young teen, perhaps catching the movie on television late one weekend night.

Owing to my young age, Continue reading


Tuscan White Beans

These days there are legions of bloggers, forming a veritable army of individuals tapping dutifully on their keyboards from all around the world.  And for those who aren’t blogging, there are still brigades of those tweeting and providing regular status updates on facebook.  All of which can seem very much like overkill.

But maybe it isn’t.

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Brown Rice Pudding

In my legal world, I’m accustomed to starting things fresh.  Every case requires its own study; every case presents its own facts and presentation of the law.  It’s why the Circuit Courts can direct their District Courts in opposite directions.  It’s why a simple car accident can take its litigants to the Supreme Court, and it’s why the Justices there can split their vote.  Even the same case presents itself differently to different viewers.

Last week, I should have brought this understanding to my cooking world.

After making rice pudding with white rice, I copied the recipe Continue reading

Lentil and Penne Soup

Some days you feel like a home-cooked meal.  But most often, that time is after a long day at work, when you least feel like spending the remaining hours of the evening waiting in a checkout line.

That was me the other day.

Walking to my car, lips chapped and cheeks red, I just wanted to head home, where I could kick my feet up and turn on the television.  I was in no mood to bundle up, break out a grocery list, and trudge through the aisles.  After all, Jon Stewart and a warm apartment were waiting.

So when I got home, I flipped on the DVR, and checked Continue reading

Red Beans and Rice

Memories are a funny thing.  I look back at certain events or times, and wonder what it was that made a certain scene memorable, that gave it such staying power.

With childhood memories, the question evokes a stronger response – owing, perhaps, to the idea that a memory resonates with more emotion the more distant it seems.  There’s something inspiring and captivating about looking back in your subconscious and finding a picture of yourself at a younger, more exciting age.

There I am, 20 years old, turning a corner outside of a Paris cafe, and bumping into the Prime Minister.  There I am, 18 years old, sweating under the bright lights of my high-school Continue reading

Vanilla Mashed Sweet Potatoes

If you know me, you know I love sweet potatoes.  So, when it came time to create a Thanksgiving menu, the question wasn’t whether I was going to serve sweet potatoes, the question was simply what recipe to choose.

I wanted something fairly simple to make, but that would nonetheless impress.  I also wanted it to be something unique and fun.  This recipe met Continue reading

Sauteed Broccolini


Like the Camry, the Walkman, and the Wii, broccolini is one more Japanese product making its way into the American household.  And like its predecessors, the vegetable is one part engineering and one part marketing.

Broccolini was developed in 1993, when the Sakata Seed Corporation crossed broccoli with gai lan, or Chinese broccoli.  Sakata originally marketed the green as “aspiration,” perhaps a not so subtle allusion to its hopes for the product.  The name may have also been designed to suggest a connection to asparagus.  Indeed, Sakata also tried calling it asprobroc and asprospeer – never mind its misleading nature.  Crossing broccoli with asparagus, one article noted, would be like breeding a chipmunk with a tree: it can’t be done.

Ultimately, the more accurate broccolini prevailed, though brocoletti was in the running for some time.

Broccolini is basically Continue reading