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Warm Lemon Souffle

Whenever I’m in a sour mood or feeling down, I reach into my fruit drawer, and pull out my lemons.  For me, lemons are not synonymous with problems – lemons are the solution.

I had been wanting to make a lemon soufflé for several weeks now.  The first recipe I tried had a good lemon flavor, but did not puff as much as I would have liked.  It also had a faint taste of the corn starch that figured prominently among the ingredient list.

I scrapped that recipe, and created my own, Continue reading


Blue Cheese Souffle

Blue Cheese Souffle

No one would ever accuse blue cheese of being timid.

With its blue veins and pungent smell, blue cheese is not hiding from anyone.  And yet, for centuries, it was.  That is, blue cheese developed when farmers left the cheese in damp and cold caves, letting the bluish-green mold create the distinctive flavor we now know.

Blue Cheese Souffle after Refrigerating

This soufflé was not intuitive.  When I first unwrapped the Roquefort, half of me wanted to return the cheese to that far-off cave.  But somehow, Continue reading

Pumpkin-Ginger Souffle

Pumpkin Ginger Souffle

Nothing says Fall like the bright orange and reds that surround the season.

The glow of flickering candles set in hollowed-out pumpkins.  Crimson leaves swept aside by an errant football.  Classroom displays of construction-paper cornucopias and scissor-cut turkey feathers.  A scarecrow, straw tumbling from his furrowed brow, as he patrols a lonely field.  Thoughts of the harvest and a Thanksgiving meal.

Pie Pumpkins2

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Bananas Foster Soufflé


Bananas Foster is a New Orleans original.

The dish was originally created in 1951, by Chef Paul Blangé of Brennan’s Restaurant.  Owen Edward Brennan, the owner, had challenged his chef to create a dish that would highlight bananas.  At the time, New Orleans was the principal port of entry for Latin America’s banana crop.  The recipe also served as the feature article for Holiday Magazine, which had asked Brennan for a recipe to accompany an article about the restaurant.


Bananas Foster is named for Richard Foster, who Continue reading

White Chocolate Soufflé with Pistachios and Raspberry Purée


To create the perfect soufflé, it helps to understand the science behind it.

Egg whites are made entirely of protein, while egg yolks contain a mixture of both protein and fat.  When you beat egg whites, you are mixing air into the mixture, and the protein from the egg whites forms a skin around the air bubbles.  As the soufflé bakes, the heat causes the air captured in the egg whites to expand, creating the puff.  When the soufflé comes out of the oven and begins to cool, the air contracts and the soufflé begins to deflate.

Simply put, the rise and fall of your soufflé comes down to the egg whites.

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