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Sesame Tofu Stir-Fry with Brown Rice and Carrot-Wasabi Soup

Sesame TofuIt’s funny.  Some of the easiest things to make can sometimes be the hardest.  Case in point: rice.  People have been cooking rice for thousands of years.  It is a staple crop and a foundation for meals for hundreds of millions of people around the world.  And damned if I can only make it well once out of every two tries.

I mean, I could always get a rice cooker, that could gauge the temperature and weight of the rice, and take all the chance out of my hands.  But I already have so many kitchen appliances.  And I only make rice so often.

Instead, I just stick to my saucepan Continue reading


Vegetable Fried Rice

For the new cooking year, one of my goals is to make more dinners.

I’ve become very comfortable with side dishes, breakfasts, appetizers, and dessert, but sometimes I lack the motivation to make a full-fledged entrée.  When I first started cooking, I didn’t think I’d ever use the word “comfortable”  to describe how I felt in the kitchen.  But now that certain cooking styles and methods Continue reading