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Tarantula Treats

Tarantula Treats

Cooking is inherently creative.

Standing alone, butter, flour, and bittersweet chocolate chips are nothing to get excited about.  No one clamors for a cup of fresh flour or a few handfuls of unsweetened chocolate.  But combine these three ingredients with sugar and an egg, and suddenly, you have chocolate chip cookies.  After vanilla extract and salt, you can really get creative.  Add toffee chips.  Or white chocolate chips.  Or maybe crushed Girl Scout cookies.

Tarantula Treats

Halloween offers the opportunity to get even more creative in the kitchen.  On any other day, Continue reading


Bloody Lady Fingers


When you think finger food, you think small appetizers sitting on a counter top.  Maybe vegetables and dip, or cheese and crackers.

Finger Food

These scary cookies give a whole new meaning to the term “finger food.” Continue reading

Graveyard Brownies


Last night I had a Halloween party, and in keeping with spirit of the party, I decided to try a themed dessert: Graveyard Brownies. I thought about laying some Lego men around the tombstones for added effect, but ultimately decided to stick with an all-edible item. Then I thought about trying to make marshmallow spider webs or adding gummy worms, but there’s something to be said for simplicity – especially with a first effort.

Next year I might try Continue reading