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Bloody Lady Fingers


When you think finger food, you think small appetizers sitting on a counter top.  Maybe vegetables and dip, or cheese and crackers.

Finger Food

These scary cookies give a whole new meaning to the term “finger food.” Continue reading


White Chocolate- and Chocolate-Chip Blondies

A little while back, Caitlin and I were invited for a trivia night.  The invitation was somewhat last minute, so we needed to find a dessert we could make quickly.  These blondies were prepped and done in a flash.  And naturally, they were great.  That is, the blondies were a much bigger success than we were that evening.  (People definitely had more blondies than questions we answered correctly).

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Thin Mint Cookie Cookies


In algebra, the equation f(x) = x² describes a parabolic function that never dips below the x-axis.  For any number you can think of, be it negative or positive, be it an integer or a fraction, the graph will never give you a negative value.  With the exception of zero, squaring the unknown will only produce a positive outcome.

Which is what I thought would happen when I decided to square my Girl Scout cookies: there could only be a positive outcome.  Or so I tried to tell myself.


Taking a mallet and smashing perfectly good Thin Mint Cookies Continue reading



Sometimes you just need a warm cookie.  Yesterday was one of those days.

Looking through my Cooking Light cookbook, I found a recipe with all the ingredients already on hand.  This recipe does require an hour or two of down-time, so be prepared Continue reading

White Chocolate-, Chocolate-, and Toffee-Chip Cookies

Making the perfect cookie is not a two-hour affair.  It’s not even a twelve- or twenty-four hour event.  According to a collection of New York City’s top bakers, the best chocolate chip cookie doesn’t emerge until thirty-six hours after its ingredients have been carefully assembled.  The long hydration period allows the slow-moving eggs to work themselves into the dough for the perfect flavor.  These top chefs also recommended using a chocolate chip with a high cocoa percent (at least 60%), a healthy dose of sea salt (at least a teaspoon), and a good chunk of dough (to get a six-inch cookie).

On top of these suggestions, I like Continue reading